The classic course is the cornerstone of haircutting. We concentrate on the purist form of cutting and colouring, providing you with the very best foundation for taking your work to a new level.

After an introduction featuring demonstrations and presentation models, there are four further days where you will have the chance to hone your skills on live models under the guidance of expert teachers.

Give yourself the chance to expand your skills and repertoire and take part in this exciting course.

Areas of learning.

One length, layering and graduation.
Salon colour procedures.
Technical headsheets.
Colour choice.

All of our courses have look and learn demonstrations to start them off, which can be purchased separately. All of our courses entitle you to a diploma. There is a substantial discount available if all four courses are booked in a calendar year, either for individuals or for a salon group. Please check with prices and booking procedure.

Skoubogade 2, 1st Floor, 1158 Copenhagen K, Denmark - tlf. + 45 33 12 36 12
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