Our niche is flexible training that fits around your needs. This allows changes that impact your salon repertoire, job satisfaction and productivity.

Tina and Stephen Mackinder are dedicated educators.
We always like to raise the bar, not only personally but with everyone who
Believes in quality and creativity.

We look forward to welcoming you very soon.

Pyramid of Learning

As a team of individuals dedicated to precision haircutting, innovative creations
and technique, Mackinder Hair is proud to bring you a pyramid of learning. Tina
and Stephen have spent many years as educators at Vidal Sassoon, educating all
levels of haircutting to hairdressers from all over the world, from total beginners
through to experienced stylists.

To ensure that quality is the essence of our craft, Mackinder Hair have created a
programme of courses that enable all hairdressers, at whatever stage of learning
they may be, to embrace cutting and colouring from the very basics to the top of
the pyramid.

The courses put together for 2011 give hairdressers the essentials of cutting and
colouring from the grass roots, unlocking countless avenues of creativity.
We hope this programme will excite.

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